Others items:

LED Torch light with 9 LED Lights
very bright 9 LED torch light using easily available 3 x AAA batteries

Customised Pocket Tissue
MOQ 5000 fr 30 cents
Low cost and effective marketing campaign to create and promote awareness of your company or products.

Holi Powder - 100g per pack

we provide to many cc, the popular non toxic and safe color to celebrate the beginning of spring. Holi celebrators say goodbye to the cold of winter and rejoice in the bright colors of a new season. 

Customised Magnet

We customised all types of magnet in different shapes and sizes such as calendar, business card, white board magnet, house visit card and more.

House Keys Organiser
a MUST HAVE for property developer and agents to INCREASE or REPEAT sales. Print your logo+contact.  note:  this is made to order item and need 2-3 weeks.

Stress Ball

( ready stock available for ROUND stress ball - diameter 63cm)
to make you relax and hands-exercise. Great for senior citizens.  low budget to promote your events and etc - Can be customised to your requirements.

ARMBAND pouch for mobile phone from $5***

NO MORE WORRY about mobile phone when jogging or others
customised for iphone, samsung S3 and etc
2 zip pockets is available for 2 phones or money  

no more worry about mobile phone and valuables when running. Made of NEOPRENCE material, lightweight, soft, elastic, waterproof and etc.  Flexible length that can fit any sizes of hand.
Can be further customised to color needs, sizes, for different phones & etc

Mini Selfie Monopod fr $3.00***
model 2018 using the latest parts for quick photo and etc.  hard and solid handle. Compatible with most handphones.

Desktop Card and Pen Holder fr 60 cents
low budget doorgifts 60 cents. Small 5 cm with gifts box.

Mobile Phone Holder + Stand
no more dropping your expensive mobile phone

Coin holder with coin compartments
now can easily find the coin you wanted.
small size 11 cm x 8 cm easy to carry about.


Customised Congratulation Plaque
Gifts that last forever.   Combined with a few friends and honoured the person achievements ( PBM, BBM and more).  delivery period: 4-5 weeks.

Customised Button Badge
we provide all sizes and customised based on your requirements.
A truly inexpensive eyecatcher, badge buttons are an ideal way to create awareness of promotions or as a remembrance of events.

PU leather Business Card Holder from $4.80
a MUST HAVE gift for office staff with business card.


we apologise unable to list all our items - over 1000 items.  Please email us your requirements and budgets.  Thank You.