TISSUE HOLDER, coin purse, Card Holder:

Tissue Holder cum money purse $2***
NO MORE forgeting your tissue, coins and keys !!! low cost and very useful doorgifts.  Very useful gifts with keychain. 

Money Purse with Side Pockets from $2***
With keychains ring.  Not more forgeting your keys, cards, coins and etc.  Can keep stacks of dollars note that normal wallet cannot. 

Customised Cardholder+Luggage Tag fr $2.00***
2 or 3 pockets - NO MORE losing your precious cards or unable to identify your luggage or bag.  Brand your company name on the CardHolder.  Optional luggage tag rubber strap.

Customised Card holder from $2***
with your logo+text.   NO MORE UNABLE to find your cards with this card holder. low cost but useful doorgifts !!!