Portable Cutlery Set, Lunch Box - great for travel
MUST HAVE travel item no need to disturb hotel staff.  Good ideas to have your own personal cutlery. 

Foldable Stainless Steel Cutlery
A MUST-HAVE travel companion.  4-in-1 include fork, spoon, knife and opener (fork or spoon detachable).  NO more disturbing the hotel staff for cutlery or worry about dirty cutlery.  NOW you can have personal clean cutlery.   small 10cm length enable easy to carry around and storage.  include a waterproof nylon pouch for easy carry.

Stainless Steel Cutlery 2-in-1
special price now !!!
Save the Environment, Say NO to disposable cutlery.  Great for Travel or as personal cutlery.  NO more worry about dirty cutlery provided by hawker.  Included a pouch for easy carry & storage.

Recycle Stainless Steel Straw 4-in-1

Save the earth, SAID NO to plastic straw.  Plastic are eaten by fishes and etc in the sea which is eaten by human being resulting health problem.  Include waterproof nylon pouch with big space for logo.  Our Steel Straw material are certified safe by SGS - DO NOT buy NOT certified steel straw !!!!

Wheat Straw Portable Cutlery Set
Great for children NO SHARP edge, prevent injury.  Can carry into airplanes !!!  GO GREEN with your own set of portable cutlery!
Cut down on disposable plastic and wood cutlery to save the environment. Made of Wheat Straw, Starch and Food Grade Plastic. 
Safe to use for microwave and hot soup. 
Light and easy to carry about with nice hard plastic case.  Made of wheat straw + starch + food grade hard plastic.

Steel Lunch Box - 1 tier or 2 tier
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