Below $2 gifts:  our MOQ is 500   
contact us for below 500 qty price.  price do not include logo printing unless stated.

BIG Foldable Shopping Bag
Using thick quality nylon (not thin type easily broken). Great doorgifts to promote RECYCLE and for travel.  Big & Foldable for easy storage.  Support Singapore ZERO WASTE !!! and make Green our way of life by saying YES! to waste less !!!

CLEAR plastic water bottle 500ml fr $2.50***
2019 hot favorite water bottle with handle strap. Give out recycle water bottle as doorgifts to help save the environment, Say NO to disposable water bottle. Free logo printing with 1000 qty in our china factory (5-6 weeks delivery).

Recycle Water Bottle - below $2***Hurry !!!
To help promote Go-GREEN or SAVE ENVIRONMENT, Special price now hurry !!! MOQ 500 contact us for small qty price.

National Day Celebration 3-in-1 package fr $1***
Cheapest in town !!! hurry limited stocks. in nice transparent plastic packaging include mini singapore flag, whistle, mini clapper.  Delivery to your doorstep & 30 days payment term MOQ is required.

Doorgifts for national day celebration fr $1.50
Thank your participants with these doorgifts for celebrating this special day with you !!!  Hurry special price with FREE logo for limited period, MOQ and early bird price !!! normal price $2

Merdeka Generation Gifts fr $2***
Hurry !!! limited period $2 gifts to celebrate Merdeka Generation, MOQ 500.  price include logo printing in our china factory need 4-5 weeks.

Hand-Pouch A5 Size  fr $2***
no more losing your valuables or personal items.  Great for senior citizens, travel, outdoor or keep all items in one place whenever you need it. moq 500 contact us for small qty price. Can customise to your sizes.

Best selling Shoe Bag model 1788 fr $2***Moq 500

Many happy customers.  Good waterproof materials Size:  32 x 14.5 x 13 cm. everyone love this shoe bag.  we have immediate stocks and can print logo+text (additional costs). MOQ 500 Contact us for small qty price.

Cotton Towel thick quality 100gsm fr $2***
long towel size 32 x 72 cm.  $2 with free 1 color silkscreen (print in our china factory) & transaparent packaging moq 1000 for limited period hurry !!! contact us for small qty price.  additional cost for embroidery.

MPP2 - multi purpose pouch 2

best seller pouch, many love this small pouch.  Great for keeping essential items, Sports, Travel and etc.  size 22 x 11 x 10 cm -

Multi Purpose Hand Pouch -  fr $2***
no more losing your valuables or personal items.  Great for travel or keep all items in one place whenever you need it. Can be customised to your sizes and logo printing.

PPageUp -
Special 50 cents now for limited period
handy gadget to hold up document or photo or as business cardholder.
a paper holder to keep papers upright while you type from them, view them, or to remind you important messages and more.  in addition as business card holder - no more unable to find your business card !!!

Supermarket Trolley Coin fr  $2*

Save the hassle of looking for a suitable coin while renting a trolley from the supermarket. Just pop in the Supermarket Trolley Coin, it works just like a regular coin. MOQ 1000 and above.

mini non woven bag include free printing
small and easy to carry around. Size:  23 x 19 x 9cm.  very popular with senior citizen who love this small bag. trademarks belonged to the respective owner & for illustration only. 

Tissue Holder cum money purse $2***include free printing
NO MORE forgeting your tissue, coins and keys !!! low cost and very useful doorgifts.  Very useful gifts with keychain. 

Money Purse with Side Pockets from $2***
With keychains ring.  Not more forgeting your keys, cards, coins and etc.  Can keep stacks of dollars note that normal wallet cannot. 

RFID Credit Card Protection Sleeve

Wireless Hacker can steal and use your Credit Card info for purchase without your knowledge especially overseas travel.  A great gift many appreciated  !!! can also used as card holder.  Don't leave home without it.

Customised handphone pouch with side pocket

we can customise to any sizes handphone.  A great marketing gifts to enhance your company or events. print your logo !!! Side zipper pocket great for cards, money and etc.

Customised Pocket Tissue
MOQ 5000 fr 30 cents
Low cost and effective marketing campaign to create and promote awareness of your company or products.

Stress Ball
( ready stock available for ROUND stress ball - diameter 63cm)
to make you relax and hands-exercise. Great for senior citizens.  low budget to promote your events and etc - Can be customised to your requirements.

Gifts to honour Merdeka Generaton fr $2***
Say THANK YOU to their contributions to Singapore.

Mobile Phone Holder + Stand

no more dropping your expensive mobile phone

Coin holder with coin compartments
now can easily find the coin you wanted.
small size 11 cm x 8 cm easy to carry about.


Running Belt with Pouch  from $2***
FREE your hands.  now you can bring along money, hp, car keys & etc when doing sports.

Multi-Purpose Transparent Plastic Case $1.00***

Great for keeping important receipts, money, travel, Pencil Case and etc.  low budget but high impact doorgifts to keep all important receipts, money and etc in one place !!!.   price do not include logo printing,
Foldable Hat against sun and rain $2***
Small and very light when folded.  Easy storage when not in use and easy to carry about. 
Protection against Sun and Rain.  NOT using it just FOLD it ( 14cm very small ) - Easy to store and carry .  a MUST HAVE item when outdoor or holiday travel.

Foldable Fan - no more hot weather !!! from $1
low cost high impact marketing tool to promote event or message or brand !!!  very useful and everyone love this foldable fan
This folding hat is small, fun, unique and colorful.  A great promotional product for large sporting events, get people noticing your brand and corporate colours.  size hat when folded is 14cm

Customised Button Badge
we provide all sizes and customised based on your requirements.
A truly inexpensive eyecatcher, badge buttons are an ideal way to create awareness of promotions or as a remembrance of events.

Pencil Case with your logo & name fr $2***
we can customised to your model and sizes.  no more UNABLE to find your stationery, all children & adult need a pencil case for their stationery and etc.  many happy customers !!!

***price subject to qty and confirmation.  item with free printing need to be done in our china factory and needs 4-5 weeks

we apologise unable to list all our items - over 1000 items.  Please email us your requirements and budgets.  Thank You.